New Neuropathy Pain Treatment Available Now

Do you experience burning, stabbing pain, numbness, or tingling sensation in your feet or hands?  You could be suffering from the debilitating effects of peripheral neuropathy pain.


Most people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy pain experience the painful signs and symptoms and desperately need relief -- but are unaware that help is available from a new treatment provided at St. Louis Neuropathy and Pain Relief Center.

If you have neuropathy pain or feel pain or numbness in your feet or hands, you should seek diagnosis and treatment right away.  To learn how our new, non-surgical treatment for neuropathy pain can help you find relief, call our office today to schedule a consultation at 314-527-3004.  


Our cutting-edge treatment focuses on helping your nerves to heal, not just masking your pain with addictive medications.  In fact, many of our patients start experiencing significant relief from their neuropathy pain symptoms in only a few sessions.  There is no surgery, and no addictive drugs.


Pick up the phone right now and call us at 314-527-3004 to see if you're a candidate for our new, state-of-the-art neuropathy pain treatment that is changing lives.


Don't spend another day suffering!  

Call us today to get the relief you deserve.



Signs and Symptoms of Neuropathy

Definition of Neuropathy

Diagnosing Neuropathy


Neuropathy pain can be treated with our effective, non-surgical neuropathy pain treatment.