About St. Louis Pain Relief Center

Our unique model for providing patients with the highest quality of care possible involves two important things:


  • We utilize the most current technology and treatments, and

  • Every patient receives direct care from our team of licensed medical professionals.


Our technology and treatment protocols are designed specifically for patients with nerve damage and neuropathy pain as well as severe back pain, neck pain, and disc pain. Many patients we successfully treat have been suffering with their condition for years, even after trying several different forms of therapy.  If not diagnosed and treated early enough, many of these conditions lead to spinal surgeries.

St. Louis Neuropathy and Pain Relief Center providers are certified medical professionals.

The reason why most chronic back pain, neck pain, and disc pain sufferers still have their symptoms after so many years is because they either received no treatment, or the treatment they did receive wasn't designed to provide long-term correction.


As a patient of St. Louis Pain Relief Center, those who really want to take an active role in decreasing their pain can feel confident that our team of doctors and clinicians will be working together to identify and address the root cause of their pain. In doing so, long-term stability can be achieved and future surgery may be avoided.


To find out if you are a candidate for our non-surgical procedures and treatment protocols for a variety of acute pain and chronic pain issues, we invite you to schedule a consultation.  Call us at 314-527-3004.


We look forward to improving the long-term quality of your life.  ​